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River Keepers

We are recovering from a two day cruise with the St. Johns River Keepers. We traveled from Palatka to Sanford, stopping at Silver Glen Springs, Mount Royal, Hontoon Island and Blue Springs. Actually it was a lot of fun and if you get a chance to go by all means do. You will be supporting a good cause and you will be surrounded by beauty that is awe inspiring. Storytellers, historians and biologists narrated the trip.

We spent the night at a fish camp, a first for us. The signage in the unit included "Do not bring live bait in the room" and "Do not clean fish in the sink". The sheets had a thread count of at least 25. The live bait tanks were right beside the breakfast buffet. My daddy would have loved it.

I took a gazillion pictures but not many good ones. Click on the cover to see the album.
River Keeper Trip