Tuesday, June 08, 2010

blog woes

I decided to lock down some of our family photos so a lot of my blog links to albums are no longer valid. Sorry family. I watch the traffic on this site and thought we were OK but I had our albums wide open. I'll send you the link and notifications if you want to know when I post new ones. I got a little creeped out by one of my "fans". I did finally find the block option in Picasa but not until I had changed most of the album settings to unpublished. I know the stats that report how many pervs are looking at web pages but preferred to keep my head in the sand I guess. No more. Dang it and yuck.

On to better topics. Cara has shared a really sweet post on her blog. Thanks Care Bear. I feel the same way. Not about the gross and barfy part though.

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