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Dylan's newest trick - video by Cara

Katie's zoo pictures

Love Stella's face in the one in the center of this collage. I think she's saying OMG can you believe this Mom? Are you sure he can't eat me?

Our son-in-law, the author, no less

Yea for good news! Barrett's first book will be published soon. We are so proud we could squeal. He's been published on line a lot but this is his first book deal. Congratulations B'dawg!

SchoolTube - Zombie Integration

Top billing on School Tube from Niceville High. I enjoyed teaching at an Institute in Okaloosa County last summer. Such a nice group of teachers! Not a zombie among them.Not that there is anything wrong with being a zombie of course.


August already seems like a long month to me. Yes, I know it's only the 2nd but I am looking forward to September. Sweaters and fall holidays sound so appealing to me right now. I am wondering how I survived as a child? We didn't have AC, only fans, and I played outside all summer long. I don't recall being miserable. Memory loss, already?