Thursday, December 29, 2011


Cara's wild dingo, our grand pup Lily, has a talent. She will pose while wearing things on her head. Too bad Heather has already cashed in on this. The dingo even looks like Chuck. In other family news, it seems we have a new dog. She's a sweet stray, but not very photogenic if you know what I mean. She's a small Catahoula Leopard hound. She has had a rough time of it so she is appreciative of her new bed. When I tried to get her to go outside before we went to bed last night she became boneless and glued herself to the floor. As in no way. Not going. Been there, done that and I didn't care for it. This is much better.

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2012

Monday, December 19, 2011


Appearance on TBN

I am also sharing links to 5 Christmas songs that Jesse played guitar on and helped arrange and produce.  They are for sale on itunes as part of two compilation discs that The Jesus Daily Group is putting out.  

This one has 2 songs that Lucio Rubino and Jesse collaborated on.

Track 7   White Christmas
Track 20 O Come Let Us Adore Him

And this one...

Track 14 "O Come O Come Emmanuel"  Jesse did with Lucio Rubino for his band "Story Side B"
Track 13 "O Little Town Of Bethlehem" has Lucio's wife Savannah Zara singing on it.  
Track 4   "Joy To The World" features Brian Horner playing Sax and Lucio singing.

Jesse is sharing a calendar on his site You should go hear him. It will be a party for your ears.

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Carter and Dad

pictures lifted. Love this series


photos by Katie and Barrett

fall favs

Pictures once again lifted from Jesse and Leaa. Great shots you two.
I am using a little free app called Collage Creator to group pictures for posting. Super easy and fast.
Mac apps. More goodness from Apple.


Photos by Jesse and Leaa - I lifted them.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Carter's costume?

cute enough to almost make me want to wear a costume

Gorgeous Saturday

Perfect weather today. Carl is feeling well enough for outings so we drove to Keystone and visited my favorite junk store/boutique, Magpie's. The owner has a great eye for mixing old with new and displaying her wares cleverly. I feel inspired to go home and be creative after each visit. Carl found a church pew for the waiting area at the music store and I found a wreath that I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our favorite author

Yea! Barrett, our son-in-law, has had a lot of his work published online and in journals but this is his first book. Check out the review from  Publishers Weekly
The Portable Son
Peter Traxler is missing something. Ever since he left his family, his friends, and his adolescence behind in Jackson, Miss., he’s feeling lost. Despite the outward appearance of success—job, acquaintances, girlfriends—Peter is melancholy, his thoughts returning often to the past: “cotton diving” with his best friend Jeremy; sexual encounters with the local girls; the loss of his father and its impact on his mother; teenage angst bubbling over into semiviolent outbursts. His connection to his old friends is growing weak and distant; “when you’ve been on party manners with so many people for so long, it’s hard not to growl,” he says. Hathcock’s captivating debut collection of nine closely linked stories reads much like a novel. While many take place in the 1990s, the powerful Mississippi setting often feels akin to the American farm culture of the 1950s (at least until Jeremy dresses up like Ricky Martin for Halloween, or Peter’s Dad watches Nash Bridges on TV). The ghosts of the Old South are present throughout, even while the main character’s struggles are distinctively contemporary. It’s all here, the awkwardness of reconnecting with childhood friends, the impossibility of integrating your youth with your adulthood, the longing for home when home is a time and not a place: Hathcock writes haunting, unforgettable stories. (Dec.) Publishers Weekly.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

first fallish weekend - yea! finally.

Loving the cooler weather we've had this weekend. Carl and I took a walk this morning for the first time in months. Mainly because I hate to sweat. Enjoyed Livi and Dylan's visit too.

Oct 2011

Carter's first beach trip


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

stay thirsty my friends

The epitome of cool - dos equis commercials crack me up
  • If he were to pat you on the back, you would list it on your resume.
  • When in Rome, they do as he does.
  • He's won the same Lifetime Achievement Award...twice.
  • His mother has a tattoo that reads 'son'.
  • People hang on his every word,  even the prepositions.
  • Both sides of his pillow are cool.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday, August 05, 2011

Lilly was here

Found this under the dining table while cleaning up last weekend. I think it use to be a ball. Hope Lily's tummy is OK. My guess is that this is about half of it. She is very thorough, isn't she? Look what else she accomplished. Cara's blog.

perfectly reasonable, right?

Found this on the counter earlier this week. Another example of That Dawg Will Hunt troubleshooting from the hubby. My Dad always left little examples of his creative problem solving techniques around too. I find it endearing.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Click on the album cover to see more pictures

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome Baby Carter

Mom and baby boy doing fine. He's absolutely gorgeous!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

good company


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

toe fright gallery

When Katie and Jesse where little, they started a phenomenon  known in our family as toe fright.

I am not sure why or who actually came up with the concept but I found them both on the top bunk, feet hanging over the rail, toes splayed, giggling hysterically, while yelling toe fright.

After Cara was born and just home from the hospital, we were gathered around admiring her and one of her little feet kicked out of the blanket. Jesse touch it reverently and in a voice full of respect and awe declared that she had perfect toe fright. He sent me this picture earlier this week.  Livi has perfect toe fright too.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Birthday Feast

We dined at a great Thai restaurant in Tallahassee last night. Reandthai. Definitely five stars! This was sea scallops, mangoes and veggies in some kind of delicious, slightly spicy, mango sauce served in a coconut shell. We shared a desert of fried bananas and homemade coconut ice cream. Yummier than yummy. Thanks family for all the birthday love. Looking forward to taking my online photography class too.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


A mama cat, with poor maternal instincts, lost two babies in our driveway last Thursday night. We had to be at the airport early Friday morning and said furry creatures were too young to survive without Mama or a serious caregiver. I left them in a basket in the boathouse in the hope that mama cat would reclaim them but no such luck. Thanks to Jesse, Leaa and Cara they survived. You saved those kitties! They fed them with an eyedropper until a home could be found. Wonder Pets move over.

Stella Faces

Aug 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011


May 2011

may 2011

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Monday, May 16, 2011

That Dog'll Hunt Galactic, Inc

This installment of that Dog Will Hunt is written by Carl.
As always our company is looking to broaden our range of services whether we really know anything about it or not. Keeping to this guiding sense of basically "what can it hurt"?, enclosed are photos of our newest venture. Behold our creation of a multipurpose indoor/outdoor thing, the CSTSS.

Indoors it saves some really unpleasant behavior from your three or four ravenous canines when you have so much food at Thanksgiving you only have two choices for serving it all buffet style. One... put the excess casseroles, bread, or salads on the floor and invite the mutts to join in OR two... here comes the CSTSS (Countertop Second Tier Serving Shelf) to the rescue.

Constructed from whatever plywood happens to be in the garage at the time (we always use onsite materials only, remember?) It is hacked into an innovative design of only 7 rectangular pieces. Join them together not with deck screws which are perfect for the job but are much more expensive than the few left over drywall screws within easy reach. Add metal runners to the bottom for elevation above the surface when used outdoors on the patio for those in between pots. the ones that are too small for the window sill but too big for the ground. We think of everything, don't we?

Round off the corners so should option One be chosen the additional diners don't get the sharp points jammed in their ears and eyes as they playfully compete for every last scrap. Hand it over to the hostess to be covered with a beautifully folded table cloth. Be sure not to remove the saw dust left from the table saw in case the dressing is a little runny.
Photos of the soon to be another galaxy-wide phenomenon know, THAT DOG'LL HUNT GALACTIC, INC.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Another blast from the past

I never liked this picture ( think it was the eyebrows that I found horrific, who knows, can't remember, but there's always something that I don't like about the way I look at any given time, now it's wrinkles and flab ) so anyway I didn't keep a copy, but my sister delivered her copy to me this weekend.  Thanks Sis. We had a great visit which included good conversation, a trip to the Farmer's Market in Keystone Heights, lunch on the river, and time with Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers!
And especially to my sister. We may not be perfect mothers but we got a lot of it right. Just ask us.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lake Day


Happy Easter

beach_April 2011
I'm counting on Ford and Aly for all the good pictures of the kids hunting eggs this year. I cannot believe I didn't take pictures of babies! What a slacker.