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what the heck?

Grey's is Glee tonight? I am so confused.

that dawg'll hunt post from Cara

I'd forgotten about the beach tent rescue. Wish we had taken pictures! I can't believe that we didn't

Nollie Fuzzollie banana peel

fell over this furball in the dark first thing this morning. Started my day cussing



another that dawg'll hunt installment

Yes, that's packing tape on his broken iphone. It did solve the problem  (kept his face from being cut and the display from falling out ) and the solution was created from materials already on hand. It qualifies.
That dawg will hunt. If you have a creative solution to a problem please send me a picture of it. There's only one rule for submission...the materials to solve the problem have to already be on hand. You can't go out and spend any stinking money. Leave a comment if you need my email.

first day on the beach

Love my new camera but being able to take pictures rapidly means more time for culling out the rejects and editing. It was a little chilly at the beach (Carl said he was feeling a little Canadian:) but beautiful. Loved seeing Dylan playing tag with the waves on all fours, and everyone soaking up our family time and enjoying the day.


family time


we are such idiots

Have you read about:
Mountain top removal mining
The Pacific Garbage Patch -it's  twice the size of France

I have a toothache. I'm self-medicating with spirits until tomorrow's appointment. I should really not blog under the influence but ....WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

It's unconscionable that this has been allowed. They should be hanged. Of course I might have to include myself in that "they" when I look at what is floating in our oceans.