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Lake Day


Happy Easter

beach_April 2011I'm counting on Ford and Aly for all the good pictures of the kids hunting eggs this year. I cannot believe I didn't take pictures of babies! What a slacker.

sweet grandpup or crazy looking bunny rabbit?


A blast from the past

ahh spring


sorry about that spot on the carpet

but I'm just a puppy

No mo Flips?

Now I need to hurry up and buy a Flip. It's such a cool little camera for quick videos. See RIP Flip
Wonder if this means your Flip will be a collector's item if you place it in the family vault (AKA our Attic) for a few decades? I recently found my first Mac Classic on a vintage site reselling for 1299. And yes, my Mac Classic is stored in the vault. In a nice storage bag I might add. And it actually worked the last time I cranked it up many years ago. I'm sure the battery has died since and I don't have one of those long case cracking thingys that were required to change batteries in those but if I did I bet it would crank right up with a new battery. I think I paid 1299. for the Classic originally in '89 at UNF -  it has retained it's value rather well! Thanks Apple. It was my first computer. I don't count the used trash tandy. Although if we had kept that one...
I made this graphic for a laptop trade-in initiative that our district has launched recentl…

Lil is no longer a pound puppy

Welcome to your pampered life!

Global warming and solutions

Carl and I watched a well done documentary last night. I particularly liked the fact that they included solutions with data that made me feel hopeful. "It" seems hopeless most often.
Earth: The Operators' Manual

new grand pup

Stay tuned for lots of puppy pictures. Cara and Trevor are adopting this sweetie.

non native

Got the bejeezus scared out of me this morning as I was potting plants on the patio. A foot long lizard scooted in front of me and then stopped to stare.  I've never seen a lizard this big on our property and as I got a better look at it I realized I had never seen this species either. After some quick research, gotta love the google machine,  I believe we have a West African Rainbow lizard or an agama agama africana living here.  Unfortunately my camera battery was charging so I didn't get a picture but I'll be on the lookout. I could not believe the size of this thing! I found a research paper, Distribution and Ecology of the Introduced African Rainbow Lizard in Florida, documenting the release of this species during Hurricane Andrew. Colonies were spotted as far north as Sanford in 2004 so they've had plenty of time to migrate north since. We also live across the street from a plant nursery so I can envision these illegal aliens hitchhiking in from South Florida. Or…

sweet faces

Ok I couldn't decide which ones to share so I shared too many but their little expressions are so precious. So pardon the redundancy but since most of you are related anyways this will not matter, right?

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