Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No mo Flips?

Now I need to hurry up and buy a Flip. It's such a cool little camera for quick videos. See RIP Flip
Wonder if this means your Flip will be a collector's item if you place it in the family vault (AKA our Attic) for a few decades? I recently found my first Mac Classic on a vintage site reselling for 1299. And yes, my Mac Classic is stored in the vault. In a nice storage bag I might add. And it actually worked the last time I cranked it up many years ago. I'm sure the battery has died since and I don't have one of those long case cracking thingys that were required to change batteries in those but if I did I bet it would crank right up with a new battery. I think I paid 1299. for the Classic originally in '89 at UNF -  it has retained it's value rather well! Thanks Apple. It was my first computer. I don't count the used trash tandy. Although if we had kept that one...
I made this graphic for a laptop trade-in initiative that our district has launched recently.  I had fun looking for images of old computers to "morph" into a macbook.

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katie said...

No! We love our flip!! That's just crazy.