Monday, May 16, 2011

That Dog'll Hunt Galactic, Inc

This installment of that Dog Will Hunt is written by Carl.
As always our company is looking to broaden our range of services whether we really know anything about it or not. Keeping to this guiding sense of basically "what can it hurt"?, enclosed are photos of our newest venture. Behold our creation of a multipurpose indoor/outdoor thing, the CSTSS.

Indoors it saves some really unpleasant behavior from your three or four ravenous canines when you have so much food at Thanksgiving you only have two choices for serving it all buffet style. One... put the excess casseroles, bread, or salads on the floor and invite the mutts to join in OR two... here comes the CSTSS (Countertop Second Tier Serving Shelf) to the rescue.

Constructed from whatever plywood happens to be in the garage at the time (we always use onsite materials only, remember?) It is hacked into an innovative design of only 7 rectangular pieces. Join them together not with deck screws which are perfect for the job but are much more expensive than the few left over drywall screws within easy reach. Add metal runners to the bottom for elevation above the surface when used outdoors on the patio for those in between pots. the ones that are too small for the window sill but too big for the ground. We think of everything, don't we?

Round off the corners so should option One be chosen the additional diners don't get the sharp points jammed in their ears and eyes as they playfully compete for every last scrap. Hand it over to the hostess to be covered with a beautifully folded table cloth. Be sure not to remove the saw dust left from the table saw in case the dressing is a little runny.
Photos of the soon to be another galaxy-wide phenomenon know, THAT DOG'LL HUNT GALACTIC, INC.

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