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been wondering what happened to Herbie


good company

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toe fright gallery

When Katie and Jesse where little, they started a phenomenon  known in our family as toe fright.

I am not sure why or who actually came up with the concept but I found them both on the top bunk, feet hanging over the rail, toes splayed, giggling hysterically, while yelling toe fright.

After Cara was born and just home from the hospital, we were gathered around admiring her and one of her little feet kicked out of the blanket. Jesse touch it reverently and in a voice full of respect and awe declared that she had perfect toe fright. He sent me this picture earlier this week.  Livi has perfect toe fright too.

Birthday Feast

We dined at a great Thai restaurant in Tallahassee last night. Reandthai. Definitely five stars! This was sea scallops, mangoes and veggies in some kind of delicious, slightly spicy, mango sauce served in a coconut shell. We shared a desert of fried bananas and homemade coconut ice cream. Yummier than yummy. Thanks family for all the birthday love. Looking forward to taking my online photography class too.


A mama cat, with poor maternal instincts, lost two babies in our driveway last Thursday night. We had to be at the airport early Friday morning and said furry creatures were too young to survive without Mama or a serious caregiver. I left them in a basket in the boathouse in the hope that mama cat would reclaim them but no such luck. Thanks to Jesse, Leaa and Cara they survived. You saved those kitties! They fed them with an eyedropper until a home could be found. Wonder Pets move over.

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