toe fright gallery

When Katie and Jesse where little, they started a phenomenon  known in our family as toe fright.

I am not sure why or who actually came up with the concept but I found them both on the top bunk, feet hanging over the rail, toes splayed, giggling hysterically, while yelling toe fright.

After Cara was born and just home from the hospital, we were gathered around admiring her and one of her little feet kicked out of the blanket. Jesse touch it reverently and in a voice full of respect and awe declared that she had perfect toe fright. He sent me this picture earlier this week.  Livi has perfect toe fright too.


Alyson and Ford said…
Definitely another talent I did not know you all had... I am sorely lacking!

Cara said…
Hahahaha, good one mom.
Anonymous said…
Good grief! What kind of mother am I? I should have been looking out for this?

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