Saturday, October 22, 2011

Carter's costume?

cute enough to almost make me want to wear a costume

Gorgeous Saturday

Perfect weather today. Carl is feeling well enough for outings so we drove to Keystone and visited my favorite junk store/boutique, Magpie's. The owner has a great eye for mixing old with new and displaying her wares cleverly. I feel inspired to go home and be creative after each visit. Carl found a church pew for the waiting area at the music store and I found a wreath that I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our favorite author

Yea! Barrett, our son-in-law, has had a lot of his work published online and in journals but this is his first book. Check out the review from  Publishers Weekly
The Portable Son
Peter Traxler is missing something. Ever since he left his family, his friends, and his adolescence behind in Jackson, Miss., he’s feeling lost. Despite the outward appearance of success—job, acquaintances, girlfriends—Peter is melancholy, his thoughts returning often to the past: “cotton diving” with his best friend Jeremy; sexual encounters with the local girls; the loss of his father and its impact on his mother; teenage angst bubbling over into semiviolent outbursts. His connection to his old friends is growing weak and distant; “when you’ve been on party manners with so many people for so long, it’s hard not to growl,” he says. Hathcock’s captivating debut collection of nine closely linked stories reads much like a novel. While many take place in the 1990s, the powerful Mississippi setting often feels akin to the American farm culture of the 1950s (at least until Jeremy dresses up like Ricky Martin for Halloween, or Peter’s Dad watches Nash Bridges on TV). The ghosts of the Old South are present throughout, even while the main character’s struggles are distinctively contemporary. It’s all here, the awkwardness of reconnecting with childhood friends, the impossibility of integrating your youth with your adulthood, the longing for home when home is a time and not a place: Hathcock writes haunting, unforgettable stories. (Dec.) Publishers Weekly.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sunday, October 02, 2011

first fallish weekend - yea! finally.

Loving the cooler weather we've had this weekend. Carl and I took a walk this morning for the first time in months. Mainly because I hate to sweat. Enjoyed Livi and Dylan's visit too.

Oct 2011

Carter's first beach trip