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Pineapple Guava

We planted this evergreen two years ago and this year it is full of blooms. I've never eaten a pineapple guava but sounds interesting...

A feijoa may be used as an interesting addition to a fruit smoothie, and may be used to make wine or cider and feijoa-infused vodka. The flavour is aromatic, very strong and complex, inviting comparison with guavastrawberrypineapple, and often containing a faint wintergreen-like aftertaste.

That dawg will hunt gift wrapping

My sweet husband has a wrapped Mother's Day present on the table this morning. I especially like the bow .

Dylan April 2013


restricted area

We've never had much success growing grass in our sandy backyard but Carl has worked really hard this year trying once again to have a green lawn. He has tilled, fertilized, balanced his PH, tilled, planted, raked and he's watered gently multiple times daily. He also used twine to demark the area where we are not allowed to walk. Nollie has taken it seriously.