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tomato hornworm

Mistaken Identity- Just changed the name on this post. Last night I read that the difference between tobacco hornworms and tomato hornworms were the strips on their bodies. Tobacco hornworms have straight line strips and tomato hornworms have stripes that are in a V formation. This morning one of the little fellows had flipped over to eat face down in my tomato and I could see the V formation. The mnemonic is V for vine ripe tomatoes for tomato hornworms and straight lines like a cigarette for tobacco hornworms. Who cares. I know but I find this stuff fascinating. I am sure my family will too:) And here is another interesting fact: Farmers use a wasp to deal with them. The braconidae wasp larvae moves in on the worm and paralyzes it. Gross way to go, paralyzed with larvae feeding off you. I wonder if these same farmers know without a doubt that this same little wasp might not like other humans or pets or helpful insects. Seems a bit reckless to me.
I don't mind sha…

Baby shaming

Cara caught this action last night. She said she had turned on her camera because he was pretending to be cookie monster and throwing food in his mouth but he decided to change up the routine for some reason. This is one seriously cute baby. Good thing:)

A baby picture

This was originally posted in April of 2005. Sweet Nollie Dawg.

deja vu

When I bought this bench there was a tacky little ceramic cardinal glued to this exact spot.