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July 2013


Carter's favorite pastime

Animated gif surprises in Picasa Web Albums

Picasa is creating animated gifs from my pictures in a series. I can't find the menu to control settings for this or much about it on line yet but I am enjoying this neat preview. Did Google buy lunapic maybe? Have info?  Please share.

The first gif depicts Pops getting Carter over his reservations about the ocean or the big water as Carter called it. Once Carl danced him down to the shore a few times he realized it was safe to get closer. Good thinking Pops. The second qif requires no explanation. But the real sequence which netted us several good shots involved about twenty more stills:). Extreme cuteness in this family.
Sure enjoyed our time together family. Must do that again soon. Well except for that one part and Stella getting sick. Hey, it was a vacation. We should consider ourselves lucky, right?

Stella's favorite part of Marineland

Today at Marineland I worried that Stella wasn't enjoying watching the dolphins. It was hot. Those strange things were jumping up and scaring her, and she really just wanted to go to the beach and play with Livi and Dylan. Tonight she has reenacted everything that we saw today.  She didn't miss a thing. She's a smart cookie who will do things when she is ready and not before, thank you very much. She is so much fun.