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Dylan made it to the bridge and back on her bike

That's about two miles! Her little legs worked hard. Livi and I rode back ahead of Dylan and Carl and I didn't realize Dylan was upset about that until they got home, so it wasn't a totally happy experience for her but she can do it.

2 lost mermaids

Two mermaids, lost in a drainage system, popped up in our jacuzzi today. They saw a human and became very distressed.


doggies click on image to see album.

Jojo update

So our puppy was diagnosed with an odd disease called puppy strangles. It is an immune dysfunction, probably inherited, but they aren't really sure what causes it. I've never heard of it and no one I have told about it has ever heard of it. Ithink we caught Jojo's early enough that she won't have severe scarring but it breaks my heart to see her little face messed up. It doesn't seem to be slowing her down much and she doesn't seem to feel bad any more. She is gaining weight and doing normal puppy stuff so I think we are through the worse of it. She will be on steroids for six weeks. We may not have any furniture left by then. She knows her name and comes when called - when she wants to. 

Livi's Fall table


she might be getting comfortable in her new surroundings


they lost their minds and got a puppy

Now I hide in the fern


The new puppy ( Banjo AKA JoJo AKA NoJo) tried to climb up the stairs all afternoon. I thnk she was trying to find Carl. She couldn't pull herself up that high so she gave up and took a nap. When she woke up Nollie was napping at the foot of the stairs. She ran over, jumped on Nollie's back and catipolted to her goal. She was so proud of herself. Luckily Nollie was too startled to react quickly. She allowed the little trouble-maker to live another day.