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Wreath for a day

Carl watered the front lawn with sprinklers today. He unknowingly water this too. I made it on Friday. Pretty sure the birds will dissolve but I have it hanging in the shower to drip dry.

tiny canvases

I am having much fun painting Christmas ornaments. It is totally absorbing so helps with my therapy too. I need therapy because of work. I can not write about it publicly but suffice it to say bad things are happening there and have been since June. These tiny little canvases are golden for stopping obsessive worry. Thanks Trisha for the inspiration and encouragement! I am out of canvases again so now I guess I really should clean the house. bah. It's probably good tiny canvases are 45 minutes away or I never would clean house again.


Been wrangling dogs all day. The pups know the sit command now and we've only had one accident in the house. Jojo actually scratched on the door to indicate she needed to go! Yea. I am tired of house training. Katie called me the dog whisperer. I feel like I may be... until the next puppy fight. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then they are just like kids, when one goes to far their anger gets the best of them and it turns into a puppy brawl.